April 13, 2011

Not Much to Say? Do a Photo Montage!

I know I promised you an interview with Ellie in follow-up to last week's interview with Brady, but I'm sorry to say I'm going to have to break that promise. I had planned to sit down with Ellie last night over a few books or something to keep her occupied while I asked her questions, but she and her brothers were a trio of tired and cranky little volcanoes who spent most of the evening erupting in tandem, so we put them to bed early and didn't quite get to it. If you feel cheated because you didn't get your promised interview, Riley says you're a big whiny baby, but you can still check out some of my favorite Ellie-related posts herehere, and here if you really need an Ellie fix. Just relax. Ellie's interview will be coming soon.

And once you're done pouting, I've got a treat for you. Since I wasn't able to interview the princess and didn't really have a back-up plan, I thought I'd share some of the latest pictures of my kids and their antics. Enjoy!

The last snowman of the season, waving goodbye. I wanted to name him Old Man Winter, but Brady decided to go with Steve.

Brady and Ellie playing with Steve. Shortly after this photo was taken, they beheaded him. The pictures of that are too graphic to include here.

Riley, disgusted by his busted bracket. Yeah, you and everybody else, pal.

Brady and Ellie, just before they left for the Flock of Seagulls concert.

Brady, doing his best Sid Vicious impression, just before he smashed his guitar on his amp. Riley's hair looks like that because he was just doing some righteous head-banging.

Buzz Lightyear...to the rescue! In case you were wondering, rubber-tipped air darts hurt a lot when they hit you in the eye.

Dad! You'll never guess what I have in my pants!

Brady, practicing his pose for his upcoming GQ magazine cover shoot, which happens to be the same day he gets to be the ring bearer in his uncle's wedding.

The pretty princess, rocking her Dora jammies and tutu.

SOOOO big!!!

And finally, just because it's hilarious, here's my kids' current favorite YouTube video, Ninja Baby.

Have a great day!

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