April 6, 2011

An Interview with a Four-Year-Old

You all know my oldest son Brady by now. He's four (and a half, better not forget that) and loving life. You've heard about his extensive knowledge regarding female anatomy, his future career as a ninja and sports star, and his imaginary friends, but I thought it was about time to let him speak for himself, to tell you, the readers of my "faceblog", as he calls it, a little more about himself in his own words. The following is a brief interview with him regarding a wide variety of topics ranging from sports figures to the situation in Lybia, from video games to underwear. Enjoy.


Me: Are you ready for me to ask you some questions, Brady?

Brady: .....

Me: Son, can you stop playing your maze game for a second so I can ask you some questions?

Brady: ...OK, but can I keep playing while I talk?

Me: Well, OK, we'll see how that goes. So first, tell me how old you are.

B: Daddy, you know! Four and a half.

Me: Great, and why is the sky blue?

B: Well, ...huh? Oh, because of the atmosphere.

Me: Wow, where did you learn that?

B: In my planets book. You read it to me, remember?

Me: Oh yeah, I'd forgotten. That's a good one. Is that your favorite book?

B: No, I like Peter Pan, when the crocodile bites off Captain Hook's hand and he screams like Ellie (Brady's little sister) when he hears the clock (that the alligator swallowed) ticking. And I like the Bible, but mostly the Bible stories with fighting in them.

Me: Cool. So, what's your favorite food?

B: Well, my favorite is macaroooooooni. (Then, with a big grin) Know what else is my favorite?

Me: No, what?

B: An elephant on a steak. And people on a marshmallow roaster. (laughs)

Me: Eww, that's gross!

B: (laughing harder) I like them with ketchup!

Me: OK, OK, let's move on, silly guy. So, what's your favorite thing to do outside?

B: What I really love to do is nothing and stay inside.

Me: But you love to go outside!

B: Yeah, but I just like to stay inside and play the maze game. (the same game he's playing as we speak, in which he helps the mouse find his cheese in a series of mazes) That's my favorite thing to do inside.

Me: OK, but what about outside?

B: Oh! Digging for treasure.

Me. Ah, good answer. OK, so who's your favorite sports player?

B: Well, my favorite guy goes like this. (gets up and mimes a left-handed batter swinging) He slugs really good slammers.

Me: A slammer-slugger, huh? Who is it?

B: Joe Mauer! He's number seven. I'm going to be number seven when I play for the Twins.

Me: Awesome! Next question, and we're almost done. If you could have any cartoon character on your underwear, who would it be?

B: (sneaks a peek at his underwear) The Incredibles, but I REALLY want some underwear with Wolverine on them. He's an X-Men. And he's got aluminumum on his bones and claws, so the bad guys can't hurt him.

Me: Do you mean "adamantium"?

B: Yeah, that.

Me: So, what's your favorite video game?

B: What would you choose?

Me: Super Mario Brothers, I think.

B: Well, I would choose Mega Man. (Then, with a laugh) Look, daddy, the mouse (in his maze game) has poopy on his hands!

Me: Oh, come on, that's silly! OK, last question. What do you think about the situation in Lybia?

B: What's Lybia?

Me: It's a country really far away. There's a bad guy there named Gaddafi there who's trying to hurt a lot of people.

B: Is he like Magneto? (a bad guy from 'The X-Men' comics and movies)

Me: Kind of, but he doesn't have any super powers, just a lot of guns and missiles.

B: Well, I don't know, but I think Wolverine could get the bad guy. The guns and missiles can't hurt him, and he could just "SCHING-SCHING" (clawing and punching) and get the guy with his claws.

Me: Good idea, bud. Well, those are all my questions. Thanks for answering them.

B: OK. Can I read them on your faceblog?

Me: You bet. Now let's get to bed.


Is there anything more refreshing than four-year-old humor and logic? I can't think of anything, but maybe Ellie will have a few things to say about it when I interview her. Like Brady, she's never at a loss for words. Tune in next time for "An Interview with a Two-Year-Old".

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  1. lol! Brady is preciously hysterical! And you just inspired a blog entry for me as well...I'm stealing it! haha