October 21, 2010

Ninjas and Football

First, a little background: my son Brady aspires to someday play for both the Vikings and Twins while moonlighting as Batman. It'll be when he's 20, he says, and I think he could do it, too. He's big and strong, has an awesome roundhouse kick, and seems to be grasping some of the finer points of baseball and football. An example, while watching the Dolphins get ready to attempt a field goal against the Packers last weekend:

Brady: Daddy, why did they all stop playing?
Me: Well, the Packers called a time out.
Brady: (thinks for a moment, then...) Are they trying to ice the kicker?

I didn't learn about icing the kicker until I was maybe 14 or 15.  Brady is 4. He doesn't miss much.

And apparently, his Batman skills will play a large role in his sports career. We were watching the Vikings play the New Orleans Saints a few weeks ago when there was an on-field injury. I explained what had happened, and Brady thought about it for a while. A few minutes later he turned to me and said, with a little gleam in his eye, "Daddy, when I play for the Vikings, ALL the Saints players will be ninjured." Apparently, "ninjured" is when you get on the wrong side of a ninja and he (or she; are there female ninjas?) messes you up. Being Batman gives you a bit of a leg up in this regard, so when the time comes, I'll be sure to tell him to go easy.

Brady's pumped up for the Vikings to take on the rival Packers this weekend, and it should be a good one.  My prediction: Brett Favre goes downfield to Randy Moss all day,  the defense sacks Packers QB Aaron Rodgers 5 times causing at least one fumble, and the Vikings win 31-27. Oh, and I predict no major ninjuries.


  1. Brady absolutely does NOT miss anything! Remember when he was at my house and we were "sledding"? He kept saying "guitar" and I couldn't figure it out. Then it hit me: he was looking up at the electrical wires and behold, it definitely looked like a guitar! Love the blog, Aaron! And I love Brady for providing such amazing material.

  2. I have NO END of great material, thanks to these three!

  3. I am so proud that my nephew will be moonlighting as Batman someday....what more could a family ask for?? And their are female ninjas Aaron--they are just cuter and kick more butt than the other ones:) Maybe this can be Ellie's moonlighting goal for later in life!