October 18, 2010

International Stick a Pen Up Your Nose Day

I have great kids.  They make me laugh all the time.  Almost as much, in fact, as they make me cry.

And since we're on that subject, did you know that the number of children and grandchildren you have times your age equals the number of gray hairs on your head?  A scientific fact.

A case in point: we went out to lunch after church yesterday, and between kids crawling on the floor under the table, throwing straws, toys, cups, and Cheerios on the floor (we have to tip extra so the busboys don't kick us out), and getting looks from patrons at surrounding tables who no doubt came out to have a peaceful Sunday meal and instead got stuck next to That Table Full of Kids that everyone dreads, we were happy to give the kids real pens with which they could draw on their kids menus.  This is a very big deal, you see, since kids love having things they're not normally supposed to have, and when you give them such things, they think they've really scored.  They give you that look that says, "Man, you really are a sucker.", and sometimes, that's exactly how you feel.  This bought us a refreshing 78 seconds of peace before this started:

We had a great laugh, which elicited another sour look from that couple in the background, and then our food arrived.  Good times.  The moral of the story: a good laugh (and the accompanying family memory) is always worth the gray hairs it takes to get there.

So henceforth, I declare the third Sunday of October "International Stick a Pen Up Your Nose Day".  Put in on your calendars, but don't feel like you have to wait until next year to celebrate.  Go ahead...it's guaranteed to cheer you up.


  1. Aaron you have such a great way of telling real life situations! Today, I too will stick a pen in my nose, have a laugh, and think of you and your wonderful family!

    Thanks posting this blog. It is turning into one of my favorites!

  2. *note to self; do not use any of Aaron's pens*


  3. Footnote: I have it on good authority that the actual mathematical equation for the number of gray hairs you have is actually number of children times age CUBED. My source would know; he has a lot of gray hair.

  4. We are always "that table" - I'll remember to bring pens next time!