January 20, 2011

Jesus Loves Me...Even When I Beat Up My Little Brother

In her follow-up to the classic "That's My Grinch" video, here's Ellie's rendition of "Jesus Loves Me". You may have already seen this on Facebook or YouTube, but I thought it should make an appearance here as well. My favorite part is her little laugh at the end; you can tell she knows how funny she is.

In other news, Ellie has gotten into the habit of beating up her little brother just recently. Poor Riley; he always has big drooly smiles for his sister and this is what he gets in return. And she's sneaky about it. It's quite amusing to walk into the living room to see what Riley is crying about only to see him with a toy spoon halfway up his nose and a fair-sized goose egg rising on his forehead. By the time I get there, Ellie's usually halfway across the room innocently reading Hop on Pop and trying to hide the baseball bat behind her back.

I think she'd make a great mob assassin; she looks so innocent, always has an alibi, and can always come up with a creative tale for what happened, usually starring Cruella de Vil as the villain. She'll have to work on disposing of her weapon, however; hiding it behind her back probably won't do the trick. I wonder what her mob name would be. Blondie McBat? Little Ellie the Spoon? Not too scary, huh? Well, whatever she calls herself, you can be sure ten-month-old little boys everywhere are watching their backs.

I'm fairly sure the cause of this fun new trend has to do with the fact that Ellie has another brother, this one a whole lot bigger (imagine Andre the Giant picking on you and you'll get the picture), who has made it a point to make her life a little more difficult, so she has decided to exercise her position as the bigger kid and share the love with Riley. And she had better get her shots in now. If his big brother's size is any indication, Riley won't be a tiny little guy for very long.

So despite her protests, when we find a spoon up a baby nose, we have her apologize and give Riley one of these:

To which he replies:

Sigh. I sense a budding sibling rivalry.

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