December 17, 2010

How The ***** Stole Christmas, Part 2: The Movie

Previously on The Used Diaper Salesman, we heard about Ellie's dislike for the Grinch, whom she calls "The Binch", because "He scaaary." Let's be honest; who isn't a little freaked out by the guy's great green grin and the way he slinks around Who-ville in the dead of night. And furthermore, who isn't horrified by the way he abuses animals? If there were a "Most Horrifying Abuse of Animals" award, this guy could give Michael Vick a run for his money. I'm surprised PETA doesn't lobby for the show to be kicked off the Christmastime airwaves permanently, given the way the Grinch abuses his dog Max with whips and reindeer antlers and his graphic carving of the roast beast at the end. That's the part at which vegans everywhere cover their children's eyes, no doubt. Such an offensive show to so many, but somehow, I still manage to enjoy it.

If you'll recall, when Ellie says "Grinch", it comes out as "Binch", but usually rhymes with "witch", if you catch my meaning. She doesn't like the scary Grinch in the TV special, but she loves the stuffed Grinch doll we dug out for her last night, as you'll see in the video below. This video was an attempt to capture evidence for posterity of Ellie saying her usual, "No my like the B****." so we could show it at her wedding someday, but what we got was even better. You'll see Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (A.K.A. big brother Brady) swoop in and nab the Grinch doll just as Ellie is about to give it a hug, and hilarity ensues. Turn up your volume and enjoy.

Merry Christmas!