November 18, 2010

Birthday Spankings

OK, I lied - this post has absolutely nothing to do with spankings, but it is actually my birthday. To those of you who were excited to hear about the spankings: we need to have a serious talk. This is a family show, people.

I'm 33 today, but in many ways I feel simultaneously older and younger than that. You probably know what I mean. Honestly, when does someone ever really feel their age?

I feel older than 33 because, like most parents of young kids, I actually live a full two hours more per day than the average person. Seriously. Not by design, of course; normal people are sleeping during those two extra hours, but not me. I'm spending that time comforting, wiping, and rocking kids, and as much as I moan about being tired, I wouldn't trade it for anything. That's bonding time...I can sleep later.

I feel younger than 33 because it seems like just a couple of years ago that I was playing Nintendo and listening to MC Hammer with my brothers and friends. It was just recently that I was graduating from high school and having no stinkin' idea of what the heck to do with my life. It seems like I just got married, and I can't believe I've been a parent for over four years. Wow.

The years really do fly by, but if you think back to specific events, they seem to be in the very distant past. Time is funny like that. Older people will tell you that time only goes faster the older you get, and I'm starting to grasp the truth of this. Gone are the endless summer vacations of childhood; in their place, we have responsibilities that almost never take a three-month break.

To date, however, I guess getting older hasn't really bothered me. Older people will say, "Oh yeah, youngster? Let's see if you feel the same way at 40", and they could very well be right. But honestly, I don't think I'll ever be bummed to reach a certain age, even though 40 will be here in no time and I'll find out for sure. I guess I'd rather look forward to what's next than wish I had or hadn't done something in the past. I only have one regret that haunts me, and it's this: I really wish I'd gotten more leaves raked before the snow fell. That's gonna be messy.

Just call me Pollyanna; after all, my wise and beautiful wife does, in a good-natured way. To be clear, this means that I'm an optimist, not that I enjoy wearing pretty gingham dresses. And once you've moved on from that disturbingly humorous mental image, consider this: it's inescapable that the past will color the present and future, but worldview and perspective are a choice. As long as you know who you are, who you aren't, and who's important, you'll be just fine, and getting older isn't such a big deal.

My name is Pollyanna, and I approve this message.


  1. are pollyanna, my shrink, my friend, a passionate sports fan, a republican, a doting father, a man who loves his wife to no end....witty and sarcastic with a kind spirit.

    I know without a DOUBT you know that i'm important..sooooo yeah, you'll be fine!!! hahaha.
    Happy Birthday my dear friend.

  2. You are SO funny. How you connect silliness with seriousness is really, really smooth: "...spanking, we need to have a serious talk."; "...regret that haunts me...more leaves raked."; "...moved on from that disturbingly humorous mental image..."

    Whether you intended it or whether it just "came", the silliness iterates the serious, even when it seems a non-sequitur. Ex: regrets and leaves, which are dead, you're aging/I'm aging, the leaves are gonna be there next spring/next fall, so don't worry...THEREFORE, don't worry about the future or aging...or getting spanked...

  3. Wonderful entry, Aaron! Your optimism definitely rubs off on your fellow coworkers/friends and for that, I'm very thankful. Hope you had a fantastic birthday!

    P.S. I feel younger too until I see all the age fighting moisterizer tubs on my sink. *cry

  4. I know, Jen...and the eyebrow plucking. Sheesh!

  5. Happy Birthday Late Aaron !!!! Love reading your blog and love you!!! Auntie Gayle